Tivoli Security Compliance Manager (TSOM)

IBM® Tivoli® Security Compliance Manager identifies security vulnerabilities and security policy violations

It acts as an early warning system and helps small, medium and large businesses define consistent security policies and monitor compliance of these defined security policies.

Automates scans of servers and desktop systems, which can help reduce the cost and time associated with manual security checks
Provides reports to security officers and compliance auditors with detailed information about the security health of the business so they can take the appropriate steps to make individual systems and departments compliant
Identifies software security vulnerabilities prior to costly damage being inflicted by security incidents
Improves business operations and helps to increase efficiencies though automation and centralization
Assists in addressing to compliance issues in regulations and standards by automating compliance tasks, monitoring correspondence, reducing human error and taming compliance costs
Integrates with Tivoli's automated security management tools to help mediate security policy violations and risks